Horizon 2020


  • 2020/11/17:

    Call for EPIC-XS proposals is open till December 31, 2020. Next round will be till Mar 31, 2021! Submit via the online submission system.

  • 2020/07/15:

    Visitors coming to our lab from abroad should consult the web page of the Czech Ministry of Health regarding COVID-19 related travel restrictions.

  • 2020/06/02:

    We are looking for post-doc and PhD to join our team and work on various projects using structural mass spectrometry! Inquiries should be addressed to Petr Novak.

  • 2019/03/27:

    We are part of another Horizon 2020 project EPIC-XS (reg. no 823839) focused on the cutting edge proteomic techniques. This project provides Trans-National Access and also focuses on the development of the techniques.

  • 2018/01/03:

    Our lab is a part of Horizon 2020 project EU FT-ICR MS (reg. no 731077). Through this project you can access our expertise as well as other participating FT-ICR labs. Check Trans-National Acess web section for more details. Also, various FT-ICR focused courses and schools are organized by the labs participating in the project.

  • 2017/12/20:

    Bachelor and master theses are available in the lab. Areas of structrual biology, cutting edge mass spectrometry and cell signalling are awaiting new students. Check the tab Teaching.



Two new papers emplying MALDI biotyping of sand flies are now in Parasit. Vectors. Collaboration of Petr with the Volf's lab.


Pleasant colaboration with Haitin Lab on cis-prenyltrasferase made it from BioRXiv to Nature Communications!. Thanks EU_FT-ICR_MS H2020 Project for support!


Petr contributed to another community-wide paper stuffed with ideas and recommendations toward transparency and accessibility of data from cross-linking mass spectrometry. Check the full text!


Congatulations to Franta, now officially PhD in biochemistry!


Collaborative work with the team of Vaclav Veverka is now available in Structure.


Karel Vališ joined the Reviewer Board of Metabolites.


3D printing of MALDI targets is now published in Analytical Chemistry.


Files for hands-on sessions at 21. Czech MS School are available under Downloads.


Collaboration with Sergei Strelkov's lab on lamin assembly is now published. Work was done under EU_FT-ICR_MS H2020 Project.


We are organizing 7th Short Course Structural Proteomics: Analysis of protein surface accessibility by Top Down mass spectrometry under the H2020 EU_FT-ICR_MS consortium. The course will be held in Prague/Vestec, Czech Republic on August 16-19, 2020. There are still free places so do not hesitate to apply. Please be aware that travel restriction may apply and the situation may change till half of August.


Nice work and pleasant collaboration with the Haitin Lab on soluble chloride channel Clic-5 now out in The FASEB J.
Thanks EU_FT-ICR_MS H2020 Project for support!


Another collaborative work with Haitin Lab done under EU_FT-ICR_MS H2020 Project this time on cis-prenyltrasferase is available as preprint on bioRXiv.


Ales Hnizda joined our lab. He is funded by Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action Individual Fellowship (Widening). Welcome Ales!


Collaboration with RECAMO team on heat shock proteins and co-chaperones resulted in another paper The interaction of the mitochondrial protein importer TOMM34 with HSP70 is regulated by TOMM34 phosphorylation and binding to 14-3-3 adaptors. which is now available in J Biol Chem.


New review Targeting ERK-Hippo Interplay in Cancer Therapy. from Karel is now published in Int. J. Mol. Sci..


CIISB offers priority and free-of-charge access for COVID-19 research proposals! More here


Cellulose degradation combo by Franta. Two papers arising from collaboration with Roland Ludwig and Daniel Kracher are out. One in Biomolecules and another in Biotechol. Biofuels.


Another TNA access under EU_FT-ICR_MS H2020 Project resulted in joint paper with Erik Sedlak from Kosice. Now published in Scientific Reports.


Dmitry Loginov joined our lab. Welcome Dmitry!


Our systematic effort to understand what is going in chemical cross-linking resulted in another paper. This time about the cross-linker polarity. Enjoy author's copy available for 50 days.


Collaboration with Obsil's team on the interaction between 14-3-3 and caspase-2 was accepted in FEBS J.


We are proud of our IMIC colleagues Zdenek and Lucka for making this JACS paper a reality. And very happy to help with our MS skills!


Our new computational platform for biomolecular language processing called MatrixMotif is now available for download.


Petr Novak became the chair of the Czech Proteomics Society. Congratulations! :)


6th Short Course on FT-ICR-MS aimed at "Mapping post-translational modifications through FT-ICR" will be held in Lisbon in March 2020. Apply now, no participation fee, accommodation and meals covered!