Horizon 2020


  • 2021/07/20:

    Call for EPIC-XS proposals is open till Sep 30, 2021. However the pipeline is already quite full, so limited number of proposals can be accepted. Submit via the online submission system.

  • 2021/07/20:

    EPIC-XS organizes regular workshops/webinars. The fourht one, on Spatial proteomics, will be on Aug 26, 2021. Check EPIC-XS web site for details.

  • 2021/04/27:

    We are looking for post-doc with knowledge of excimer lasers and/or mass spec. Details here.

  • 2020/04/01:

    Are you interested in structural mass spectrometry, method development, transcription factors or membrane proteins? We are looking for Bc, MSc, PhD students and post-doc! Inquiries should be addressed to Petr Novak.



Congratulations to Honza (Fiji), now officially PhD in biochemistry!


Active and productive collaboration with Sergei Strelkov's lab resulted in another paper on lamin assembly. Work was done under EU_FT-ICR_MS H2020 Project.


After several years of post-docking in Hamburg, Alan returns to our lab. Welcome home Alan!


Great collaboration with Angel Luis Pey from the University of Granada resulted in a very nice multidisciplinary study on the effect of mutations in human flavoproteins. Now available in Redox Biology! Thanks to EU_FT-ICR_MS H2020 Project for support!


We are organizing 2nd Advanced User School under the H2020 EU_FT-ICR_MS consortium. The school will be held in Prague/Vestec, Czech Republic on September 26-30, 2021 and will be stuffed with basics and applications of FT-ICR MS. Participation fee, accommodation and meals covered for 50 selected participants. Registration form can be found HERE. Deadline for application - Aug 23, 2021. Entry to CZ is regulated according to actual COVID situation.


Petr's collaboration with the Volf's lab and Austrian's parasitologists is now published in Parasit. Vectors.


Proteomic analysis of F. pinicola secretome leading to expression and characterization of two laccases (collaboration with the Ludwig Lab) has just been accepted in Enzyme Microb Technol


Structural analysis of human haptoglobin by FPOP and the benefits of ion mobility (TIMS/PASEF) for such analysis is now published in ACS Omega


Structural aspects of Von Willebrand factor binding and processing by metallopeptidase ADAMTS-13 studiedby integrative structural biology. Trans-national access via the EPIC-XS resulted in a joint publication in J. Mol. Biol.


The results of collaboration with the parasitology groups from Charles University and Morroco are now published in Transboundary and Emerging Diseases


Our software LinX for interpretation of chemical cross-linking data, with special features for homodimer elucidation or protein:DNA cross-links is now available on GitHub and related paper published in J Prot Res


Nice colaboration with Erik Sedlak's group on cytochrome c oxidation is now available in Int J Biol Macromol. Thanks EU_FT-ICR_MS H2020 Project for supporting this trans-national access! Enjoy 50 days of free access using the link above (till Mar 27, 2021).


New joint paper with Ales, from the times he was not part of our lab. FEBS J paper on Ku70/80 intramolecular interactions combining cryoEM and structural MS.


Collaboration with the Ludwig lab resulted in another paper on wood degrading enzymes. This time about chimeric CDHs in ACS Catalysis.


Paper on TEAD1-DNA interaction is now published in Structure. Enjoy 50 days of free access (till Feb 4, 2021).


Congratulations to Paja, now officially PhD in biochemistry!


Our HDX workflow combined with Ruza's experience on protein-DNA interaction studies was compiled into Methods Mol. Biol. chapter that has just been published.


Two new papers employing MALDI biotyping of sand flies are now in Parasit. Vectors. Collaboration of Petr with the Volf's lab.


Pleasant colaboration with Haitin Lab on cis-prenyltrasferase made it from BioRXiv to Nature Communications!. Thanks EU_FT-ICR_MS H2020 Project for support!


Petr contributed to another community-wide paper stuffed with ideas and recommendations toward transparency and accessibility of data from cross-linking mass spectrometry. Check the full text!