• 2023/05/15:

    Congratulations to Terka on the best IMIC master thesis in 2022!

  • 2023/05/15:

    MALDI chips rocks! Pepa's first paper is out in Clinical Proteomics!

  • 2023/04/13:

    Thrilling collaboration with Klara Hlouchova on “non-existing proteins”. Our achievements got well accepted in Nat Ecol Evol. Thanks EPIC-XS for support.

  • 2023/04/12:

    And yet another one piece with Angel Pey and Milagros Medina. Our collaborative effort on NQO1 active site mutations is now fully published in FEBS J. And again thanks EU FT-ICR MS (H2020) for support.

  • 2022/10/13:

    This year it looks like a solid harvest of work conducted with Angel L. Pey from Uni of Grenada. Another joint paper, this time on structural effects induced by cavity making mutation on a two domain protein - PGK1. Paper now available in Sci Rep. Thanks EU FT-ICR MS (H2020) for support.

  • 2022/10/10:

    Congratulations to Lukas on BIOCEV's PhD Student Publication Award - our JACS paper on FFAP attracts attention 😉. Great collaboration with the Beier group and CF Plus Chemicals. Thanks CSF and H2020 for financial support and HPST for sponsoring this award.

  • 2022/09/13:

    Insight into the role of site-specific phosphorylation of human antioxidant and disease-associated flavoprotein NQO1 provided through great collaboration with teams of Angel L. Pey and Milagros Medina. Paper now available in Arch Biochem Biophys. Thanks EU FT-ICR MS (H2020) for support.

  • 2022/09/09:

    Congratulations to Bára on succesfull (and very nice) master thesis defense!

  • 2022/08/30:

    Nice work with Moshe and Yoni, this time on tweety proteins is finally out. Freely available in Commun. Biol.! Emelia and guys, thanks for great collaboration and thanks EU FT-ICR MS (H2020) for support.

  • 2022/07/21:

    Our work on top-down FPOP, highlighting the benefits of exact gas-phase isolation of selected protein species and multiple fragmentation modes, is now available in the Analytical Chemistry!

Horizon 2020


  • 2023/02/20:

    We are looking for java programmer. Position for two years. Collaboration with industrial partner - Bruker Daltonics! More details HERE.

  • 2022/07/22:

    Synopsis of Ales' Hippostruct MSCA project is available here.

  • 2022/04/22:

    Are you interested in structural mass spectrometry, method development ad/or membrane proteins? We are looking for Bc, MSc, PhD students and post-doc! Inquiries should be addressed to Petr Novak.


Laboratory is located in the BIOCEV center in Vestec. You can find us in labs J1.011-13, D2.004 and offices J1.006-008, D2.011.


  • Mike THE ITSY BITSY SPIDER (lab spider) – currently catching 🪰 in 🕷 ☁️ and singing his favourite song
  • David ADÁMEK (MSc 2012) – Medical Manager at Roche
  • Ljubina ADÁMKOVÁ (PhD) – currently on maternity leave 👶 👶
  • Vítězslav BRINSA (PhD 2020-22) working with Aleš at the 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University
  • Martin ČONKA (MSc 2012) – Research Fellow at ExBio
  • Jan FIALA (PhD 2021) – Postdoctoral Fellow at Albert Heck's lab (Utrecht University, NL)
  • František FILANDR (PhD 2020) – Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Calgary
  • Růžena FILANDROVÁ (LIŠKOVÁ) (PhD 2021) – Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Calgary + 👶
  • Barbora FILIPOVÁ (Bc 2018) – chasing 🦘
  • Pavel HANČ (MSc 2011) – Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard Medical School
  • Jiří HAUSNER (MSc 2014) – Olympus
  • Aleš HNÍZDA (junior scientist 2020-22) - Group leader at the 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University
  • Barbora JIREČKOVÁ (MSc 2022)
  • Tereza KADAVÁ (MSc 2022) – pursuing PhD at at Albert Heck's lab (Utrecht University, NL)
  • Alan KÁDEK (PhD 2016) – Postdoctoral Fellow at Heinrich Pette Institute & European XFEL, Hamburg (🍔+🍺+⚓) till 8/2021. Now back home! (btw, should this be in the Alumni section? 😵)
  • Kristýna KOTÝNKOVÁ (MSc 2011) – Postdoctoral Researcher at Boston University School of Medicine
  • Veronika KÚDELOVÁ (Bc 2019) - MSc at IOCB - Boura lab
  • Jan KUKLA (MSc 2014) – QSA at PRO.MED.CS
  • Zuzana MATOUŠKOVÁ (MSc 2020)
  • Hynek MRÁZEK (post-doc 2012-2014) – Project manager at Pharmaceutical Research Associates
  • Kamila PELECHOVÁ (Bc 2019)
  • Eliška POSPÍŠILOVÁ (PhD) – currently on maternity leave 👶 👶 👶
  • Michal ROSŮLEK (PhD) – researcher at Lonza
  • Daniel ROZBESKÝ (PhD 2013) – Junior group leaded at Charles University (BioCeV) after nice Post-doc at Oxford
  • Jana ŘEHÁKOVÁ (Bc 2019) - brewing 🍺
  • Kristián SKÁLA (MSc 2017) - PhD at J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry of the CAS
  • Lukáš SLAVATA (PhD) – representative at HSPT s.r.o. / Agilent
  • Jitka SMETANOVÁ (MSc 2018) - chasing PhD at 2nd Medical Faculty, Charles University
  • Petra SVOBODOVÁ (DAREBNÁ) (PhD) – currently on maternity leave 👶 👶
  • Šárka SVOBODOVÁ (Bc 2018)
  • Kristýna ŠINTÁKOVÁ (Bc 2019) – working on her MSc in Biology, Faculty of Science, Charles University
  • Vyacheslav TRETYACHENKO (Bc 2013) – playing with never born proteins at Charles University
  • Karel VALIŠ (post-doc 2011-2021) – 🧬 💻 🐭 at the IMG CAS / BioCeV
  • Pavla VAŇKOVÁ (PhD 2020) – Staff scientist at IBT CAS / BioCeV - Center for Molecular Structure
  • František VOSTÁREK (MSc 2012) – PhD at the Institute of Physiology and Charles University
  • Lucie WALLENFELS (HERNYCHOVÁ) (PhD 2019) – Scientific and Regulatory Specialist at PharmInvent/PrimeVigilance
  • Ghazaleh YASSAGHI (post-doc 2017-2019) – researcher in Dan Fabris lab, University of Connecticut
  • Romana ZÁHUMENSKÁ (MSc 2017) – Graduate student at Jesseniova lekárska fakulta, Univerzita Komenského
  • Eva ZÁKOUCKÁ (MSc 2014) – ⛷ ☕ 🥤 🧁 🍰