• 2024/01/29:

    We have two ERASMUS visitors from the University of Lisbon who will work with us on FT-ICR MS. Welcome Marta and Inês!

  • 2024/01/26:

    🕷🕷🕷Our lab ZOO is growing again. Mike's successor has just arrived! Welcome ❤ Mike II.

  • 2024/01/23:

    Our group is growing. Welcome Ženya!

  • 2024/01/20:

    In 2023 we spent a lot of time working on different projects with Angel L. Pey from Uni of Grenada. Now the results are coming out. First one on AGT1 mutants is published in FEBS Lett. Thanks INSTRUCT and CIISB for support.

  • 2024/01/18:

    We are looking for PhD students! Position funded for 4 years in the field of structural MS and cool FT-MS top-down analysis - details here.

  • 2024/01/17:

    The last piece of Marok's PhD thesis puzzle is now in Anal. Chem. Well done Marok!

  • 2024/01/13:

    Welcome Honza and enjoy fun with structural mass spec!

  • 2024/01/13:

    Congratulations to Marek on his first first-author paper. Deep insight into FPOP data processing in now in J. Proteome. Res. .

  • 2023/11/03:

    Great news, Ljubi is back after maternity leave 👶 👶 !

  • 2023/10/26:

    Alan's contribution to the desing of sci-fi SPIDOC instrumentation - single particle imaging of protein complexes. Out in the Journal of Instrumentation. Cool!

Horizon 2020


  • 2023/02/20:

    We are looking for java programmer. Position for two years. Collaboration with industrial partner - Bruker Daltonics! More details HERE.

  • 2022/07/22:

    Synopsis of Ales' Hippostruct MSCA project is available here.

  • 2022/04/22:

    Are you interested in structural mass spectrometry, method development ad/or membrane proteins? We are looking for Bc, MSc, PhD students and post-doc! Inquiries should be addressed to Petr Novak.










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