• 2022/05/19:

    This is big. Fantastic collaboration with Moshe and Yoni on cis-prenyltransferase continues with another great outcome. Paper now published in Sci. Adv. reveals how these enzymes synthesize long products via small active site!

  • 2022/02/14:

    Happy to help Klara and her team (KH lab) with the work deciphering evolution of early protein-RNA interaction. Paper supported by Terka and The Boss is now in high-ranking Mol. Biol. Evol. journal!

  • 2022/02/09:

    Marok's work on FPOP combined with top-down for transcription factor::dsDNA interaction is now published in Anal. Chem.! Very nice complement to our previus HDX and X-linking studies, now with residue level resolution.

  • 2021/12/08:

    Our team is growing! Welcome Maartje and Michael! We now have two real experts to expand MS into a second dimension and shoot the protein ions with all electron and laser guns we have. Top-down era of our lab is now making a huge leap forward.

  • 2021/12/06:

    Happy news! We received funding from the Czech Science Foundation to expand structural proteomics tools by developing new reagents, enhancing the existing ones and diving into transmembrane proteins.

  • 2021/12/01:

    Great success of Jarin and Fiji who have their protein fast-fluoralkylation tricks now published in prestigious  J Am Chem Soc. Also thanks for fruitful collaboration - Beier group and CF Plus Chemicals.

Horizon 2020


  • 2022/04/22:

    Are you interested in structural mass spectrometry, method development ad/or membrane proteins? We are looking for Bc, MSc, PhD students and post-doc! Inquiries should be addressed to Petr Novak.


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