• 2021/11/25:

    Highly productive collaboration with Angel Pey led to another publication on mammalian NQO1 flavoproteins. This time on phosphorylation and a specific evolutionary divergent mutation close to it. Available in FEBS Letters. Thanks to EU_FT-ICR_MS H2020 Project for support!

  • 2021/11/04:

    Our systematic structural characterization of haptoglobin-hemoglobin interaction resulted in a first paper, Hp-Hb interaction studied by FPOP.

  • 2021/09/23:

    Congratulations to Honza (Fiji), now officially PhD in biochemistry!

  • 2021/09/22:

    Active and productive collaboration with Sergei Strelkov's lab resulted in another paper on lamin assembly. Work was done under EU_FT-ICR_MS H2020 Project.

  • 2021/09/01:

    After several years of post-docking in Hamburg, Alan returns to our lab. Welcome home Alan!

  • 2021/08/20:

    Great collaboration with Angel Luis Pey from the University of Granada resulted in a very nice multidisciplinary study on the effect of mutations in human flavoproteins. Now available in Redox Biology! Thanks to EU_FT-ICR_MS H2020 Project for support!

Horizon 2020


  • 2021/11/11:

    EPIC-XS organizes another free webinar. This time, super exciting, on Top-Down Proteomics, will be on Dec 15, 2021. Check IP web site for details.

  • 2021/10/04:

    Call for EPIC-XS proposals was closed on Sep 30. Due to limited number of slots remaining at the individual TNA sites, we expect next call in spring 2022. Check the EPIC TNA site for details/updates.

  • 2021/04/27:

    We are looking for post-doc with knowledge of excimer lasers and/or mass spec. Details here.

  • 2020/04/01:

    Are you interested in structural mass spectrometry, method development, transcription factors or membrane proteins? We are looking for Bc, MSc, PhD students and post-doc! Inquiries should be addressed to Petr Novak.

About laboratory

Laboratory of Structural Biology and Cell Signaling consists of a multidisciplinary team whose thematic focus is divided into two main directions. Structural biology group produces proteins by recombinant expression technologies and characterizes the protein or protein-ligand structures and their dynamics utilizing advanced mass spectrometric techniques. Cell signaling unit examines the linkages of cellular signaling to the metabolism of cancer cells using molecular biology and biochemistry methods. Through the collaboration of the two groups a unique research platform is formed, wherein the results obtained by the study of biological systems can also be verified and explained at the molecular level. Laboratory is located at the BIOCEV center in Vestec.

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