• 2024/06/04:

    🎉 Congratulations to Jasmina, Michal and Alex on successfully defending their diploma theses and completing the MSc degree. Well done!

  • 2024/05/22:

    🎉 Congratulations 👏 to DOCTOR Maroq! PhD thesis defended! Now, alligators 🐊 and magnets 🧲 are calling from Florida.

  • 2024/05/03:

    Time to harvest the fruits of Luky's PhD thesis. This time on the application of FFAP in epitope mapping. Czech the recent Anal. Chem. contribution.

  • 2024/04/16:

    Inspiring and long-lasting collaboration with Daniel Khananshvili and Moshe Giladi from the Tel Aviv University on Na+/Ca2+ exchangers resulted in a nice joint paper in Commun Biol. Thank you guys for your hard work and persistence!

  • 2024/04/15:

    The 15th EFTMS workshop will start soon - on Wed, Apr 17, 2024. Dont miss the lecture of prof. Michael L. Gross lecture available also online. Check here.

  • 2024/03/21:

    Further insight into the function of an AsLOV2-FMN based singlet oxygen production provieded through a great collaboration with Erik Sedlak. Now published in Protein Science

  • 2024/03/08:

    Fantastic news - our collaboration with the Haitin group (Yoni and Moshe) brought surprising insights into the function of enigmatic intracellular chloride channels. And the sweet reward - the story made it to Nat Commun!

  • 2024/03/06:

    We have two more PhD position available. One on structural mass spec of prion proteins and membrane transporters and the other on clinical mass scpetrometry and method development. Apply till Apr 20!

  • 2024/03/04:

    Big welcome to Petr Jerabek. He has joined our group as a programmer and will help us with the development of fancy tools for MS data analysis in collaboration with Bruker.

  • 2024/02/14:

    We have a new visitor in our lab - Francesca Del Cioppo from the Uni Roma.

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Yoni Haitin and Moshe Giladi - Tel Aviv University, Israel

Daniel Khananshvili,Tel Aviv University, Israel

Charlotte Uetrecht, Centre for Structural Systems Biology, Hamburg, Germany

Petr Beier, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Prague, Czech Republic

Angel L. Pey, University of Granada, Spain

Daniele Fabris, University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Alice Sosic, University of Padova, Italy

Athi N. Naganathan, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India


CF Plus Chemicals s.r.o.

The Antibody Lab